Advanced Algorithmic Trading

by: Mike Halls-Moore
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2017
pages 页数: 517
Language 语言: English
Machine Learning Applied To Real World Quant Strategies
Finally…implement advanced trading strategies using time series analysis,machine learning and Bayesian statistics with the open source R and Python programming languages,for direct,actionable results on your strategy profitability.
I’m sure you’ve noticed the oversaturation of beginner Python tutorials and stats/machine learning references available on the internet.
Few tutorials actually tell you how to apply them to your algorithmic trading strategies in an end-to-end fashion.
There are hundreds of textbooks,research papers,blogs and forum posts on time series analysis,econometrics,machine learning and Bayesian statistics.
Nearly all of them concentrate on the theory.
What about practical implementation? How do you use that method for your strategy? How do you actually program up that formula in software?
I’ve written Advanced Algorithmic Trading to solve these problems.
It provides real world application of time series analysis,statistical machine learning and Bayesian statistics,to directly produce profitable trading strategies with freely available open source software.
What Topics Are Included In The Book?
Time Series Analysis
Time Series Models
Cointegrated Time Series
State-Space Models and Kalman Filters
Hidden Markov Models
Machine Learning
Linear Regression
The Bias-Variance Tradeoff
Tree-Based Methods
Kernel Methods
Unsupervised Methods
Natural Language Processing
Bayesian Statistics
Markov-Chain Monte Carlo
Bayesian Stochastic Volatility
What Technical Skills Will You Learn?
R: Time Series Analysis
Strategy Decay
Python: Scikit-Learn
Robust Backtesting
Python: PyMC3
Risk Management


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