The Road to React:Your journey to master plain yet pragmatic React

The Road to React:Your journey to master plain yet pragmatic React.js
by:Robin Wieruch
pages 页数:226 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Independently published (14 Sept. 2018)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:9781720043997
ISBN-13 书号:9781720043997

Book Description
UPDATE 2020-04-20
A lot of roadmaps exist on how to master React. This book uses the common sense of these roads and weaves it into the implementation of an app. You will build an own React app. On the road you will learn ES6,React with all its basics and advanced concepts and internal state management.
The Road to learn React teaches you the fundamentals of React. You will build a real world application along the way in plain React without complicated tooling. Everything from project setup to deployment on a server will be explained. The book comes with additional referenced reading material and exercises with each chapter. After reading the book,you will be able to build your own applications in React. The material is kept up to date by:me and the community.
In the Road to learn React,I want to offer a foundation before you start to dive into the broader React ecosystem. It has less tooling and less external state management,but a lot of information around React. It explains general concepts,patterns and best practices in a real world React application.
You will learn to build your own React application. It covers real world features like pagination,client-side caching and interactions like searching and sorting. Additionally you will transition from JavaScript ES5 to JavaScript ES6 along the way. I hope this book captures my enthusiasm for React and JavaScript and helps you to get started.
What you can expect (so far…)

Hacker News App in React
no complicated configuration
create-react-app to bootstrap your application
efficient lightweight code
only React setState as state management (so far…)
transition from JavaScript ES5 to ES6 along the way
the React API with setState and lifecycle methods
interaction with a real world API (Hacker News)
advanced user interactions
client-sided sorting
client-sided filtering
server-sided searching
implementation of client-side caching
higher order functions and higher order components
snapshot test components with Jest
unit test components with Enzyme
neat libraries along the way
exercises and more readings along the way
internalize and reinforce your learnings
deploy your app to production
What you have to bring
Before you start to read the book,you should be familiar with HTML,CSS and JavaScript (ES5). The book will teach ES6 and beyond. When you come from a different SPA framework or library,you should be familiar with the basics. When you just started in web development,you should feel comfortable with HTML,CSS and JavaScript to learn React


The Road to React

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