Research Advances in Cloud Computing

Research Advances in Cloud Computing Front Cover
Research Advances in Cloud Computing
pages 页数: 465 pages
Edition 版本: 1st ed. 2017
Language: English
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Springer
Publication Date: 2018-02-18
ISBN-10: 9811050252
ISBN-13: 9789811050251
This book addresses the emerging area of cloud computing, providing a comprehensive overview of the research areas, recent work and open research problems. The move to cloud computing is no longer merely a topic of discussion; it has become a core competency that every modern business needs to embrace and excel at. It has changed the way enterprise and internet computing is viewed, and this success story is the result of the long-term efforts of computing research community around the globe. It is predicted that by 2026 more than two-thirds of all enterprises across the globe will be entirely run in cloud. These predictions have led to huge levels of funding for research and development in cloud computing and related technologies.
Accordingly, universities across the globe have incorporated cloud computing and its related technologies in their curriculum, and information technology (IT) organizations are accelerating their skill-set evolution in order to be better prepared to manage emerging technologies and public expectations of the cloud, such as new services.
Chapter 1. Serverless Computing: Current Trends and Open Problems
Chapter 2. Highly Available Clouds: System Modeling, Evaluations, and Open Challenges
Chapter 3. Big Data Analytics in Cloud—A Streaming Approach
Chapter 4. A Terminology to Classify Artifacts for Cloud Infrastructure
Chapter 5. Virtual Networking with Azure for Hybrid Cloud Computing in Aneka
Chapter 6. Building Efficient HPC Cloud with SR-IOV-Enabled InfiniBand: The MVAPICH2 Approach
Chapter 7. Resource Procurement, Allocation, Metering, and Pricing in Cloud Computing
Chapter 8. Dynamic Selection of Virtual Machines for Application Servers in Cloud Environments
Chapter 9. Improving the Energy Efficiency in Cloud Computing Data Centres Through Resource Allocation Techniques
Chapter 10. Recent Developments in Resource Management in Cloud Computing and Large Computing Clusters
Chapter 11. Resource Allocation for Cloud Infrastructures: Taxonomies and Research Challenges
Chapter 12. Many-Objective Optimization for Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Computing
Chapter 13. Performance Modeling and Optimization of Live Migration of Virtual Machines in Cloud Infrastructure
Chapter 14. Analysis of Security in Modern Container Platforms
Chapter 15. Identifying Evidence for Cloud Forensic Analysis
Chapter 16. An Access Control Framework for Secure and Interoperable Cloud Computing Applied to the Healthcare Domain
Chapter 17. Security and Privacy Issues in Outsourced Personal Health Record
Chapter 18. Applications of Trusted Computing in Cloud Context


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