Mathematical Logic:On Numbers,Sets,Structures,and Symmetry

Mathematical Logic:On Numbers,Sets,Structures,and Symmetry (Springer Graduate Texts in Philosophy)
Authors:Roman Kossak
ISBN-10 书号:3319972979
ISBN-13 书号:9783319972978
Edition 版次:1st ed. 2018
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2018-10-04
pages 页数:186 pages

Book Description
This book,presented in two parts,offers a slow introduction to mathematical logic,and several basic concepts of model theory,such as first-order definability,types,symmetries,and elementary extensions.
Its first part,Logic Sets,and Numbers,shows how mathematical logic is used to develop the number structures of classical mathematics. The exposition does not assume any prerequisites; it is rigorous,but as informal as possible. All necessary concepts are introduced exactly as they would be in a course in mathematical logic; but are accompanied by more extensive introductory remarks and examples to motivate formal developments.
The second part,Relations,Structures,Geometry,introduces several basic concepts of model theory,such as first-order definability,types,symmetries,and elementary extensions,and shows how they are used to study and classify mathematical structures. Although more advanced,this second part is accessible to the reader who is either already familiar with basic mathematical logic,or has carefully read the first part of the book. Classical developments in model theory,including the Compactness Theorem and its uses,are discussed. Other topics include tameness,minimality,and order minimality of structures.
The book can be used as an introduction to model theory,but unlike standard texts,it does not require familiarity with abstract algebra. This book will also be of interest to mathematicians who know the technical aspects of the subject,but are not familiar with its history and philosophical background.
Part l. Logic,Sets,and Numbers
1. First-Order Logic
2. Logical Seeing
3. What is a Number?
4. Seeing the Number Structures
5. Points,Lines,and the Structure of
6. Set Theory Partll. Relations,Structures,Geometry
7. Relations
8. Definable Elements and Constants
9. Minimal and Order-Minimal Structures
10. Geometry of Definable Sets
11. Where Do Structures Come From?
12. Elementary Extensions and Symmetries
13. Tame vs. Wild
14. First-Order Properties
15. Symmetries and Logical Visibility One More Time
16. Suggestions for Further Reading


Mathematical Logic On Numbers,Sets,Structures,and Symmetry

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