Designing for the User Experience in Learning Systems

Designing for the User Experience in Learning Systems (Human–Computer Interaction Series)
ISBN-10 书号:3319947931
ISBN-13 书号:9783319947938
Edition 版次:1st ed. 2018
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2018-09-26
pages 页数:251 pages

Book Description
While the focus of the UX research and design discipline and the Learning Sciences and instructional design disciplines is often similar and almost always tangential,there seems to exist a gap,i.e. a lack of communication between the two fields. Not much has been said about how UX Design can work hand-in-hand with instructional design to advance learning. The goal of this book is to bridge this gap by presenting work that cuts through both fields. To illustrate this gap in more detail,we provide a combined view of UX Research and Design & Educational Technology. While the traditional view has perceived the Learning Experience Design as a field of Instructional Design,we will highlight its connection with UX,an aspect that has become increasingly relevant.
Our focus on user experience research and design has a unique emphasis on the human learning experience:we strongly believe that in learning technology the technological part is only mediating the learning experience,and we do not focus on technological advancements per se,as we believe they are not the solution,in themselves,to the problems that education is facing.
This book aims to lay out the challenges and opportunities in this field and highlight them through research presented in the various chapters. Thus,it presents a unique opportunity to represent areas of learning technology that go very far beyond the MOOC and the classroom technology. The book provides an outstanding overview and insights in the area and it aims to serve as a significant and valuable source for learning researchers and practitioners.
The chapter “User requirements when designing learning e-content:interaction for all” is available open access under a CC BY 4.0 license at
1Introduction:User Experience in and for Learning
2Education,Technology and Design:A Much Needed Interdisciplinary
3 A Universally Accessible Self-assessment Gamified Framework and Software
Application to Capture 21st Century Skills
4Designing Pedagogy for Virtual Worlds in Multicultural Environments
5The CHI of Teaching Online:Blurring the Lines Between User Interfaces
and Learner Interfaces
Applications and Case Studies
6 User Requirements When Designing Learning e-Content:Interaction for All
7 iMuSciCA:Interactive Music Science Collaborative Activities for STEAM
8 A Case Study of Peer Feedback as a Continuous Assessment Tool for
Transversal Competencies
9 Constructive Learning by Teaching:Flip-Flop,Peer Evaluation,and Agile
Tooltip:Making and Taking Peer Quizzes Synchronized with Lecture
10Using Animation to Enrich Learning Experience in Sketch-Based Physics
Tutoring Systems
Appendix A SkillTrack! Trial Details and Evaluation
A.1 Methodology
A.2 Trial
A.2.1Trial Overview
A.2.2 Trial Limitations
A.2.3 Trial Context
A.2.4Trial Methodology
A.3 Skill Track! User Trail Quantitative Results
A.3.1 First Trial
A.3.2 Second Trial
A.4 Pedagogical Evaluation
A.4.1 Student Interviews
A.4.2 Teacher Interviews


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