Cryptography (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series)
Authors:Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo
ISBN-10 书号:3319948172
ISBN-13 书号:9783319948171
Edition 版次:1st ed. 2018
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2018-11-06
pages 页数:259 pages

Book Description
This text introduces cryptography,from its earliest roots to cryptosystems used today for secure online communication.
Beginning with classical ciphers and their cryptanalysis,this book proceeds to focus on modern public key cryptosystems such as Diffie-Hellman,ElGamal,RSA,and elliptic curve cryptography with an analysis of vulnerabilities of these systems and underlying mathematical issues such as factorization algorithms. Specialized topics such as zero knowledge proofs,cryptographic voting,coding theory,and new research are covered in the final section of this book.
Aimed at undergraduate students,this book contains a large selection of problems,ranging from straightforward to difficult,and can be used as a textbook for classes as well as self-study. Requiring only a solid grounding in basic mathematics,this book will also appeal to advanced high school students and amateur mathematicians interested in this fascinating and topical subject.

1. AQuick Overview
2. Caesar Ciphers
3. Substitution Ciphers
4.A First Look at Number Theory
5. The Vigenere Cipher
6. The Hil Cipher
7. Other Types of Ciphers
8. Big O Notation and Algorithm Efficiency
9. Abstract Algebra
10.A Second Look at Number Theory
11. The Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange and the Discrete Logarithm Problem
12. The RSA Cryptosystem
13. Clever Factorization Algorithms and Primality Testing
14. Elptic Curves
15. The Versatility of Elptic Curves
16. Zero-Knowledge Proofs
17. Secret Sharing,Visual Cryptography,and Voting
18. Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography
19. Markov Chains
20. Some Coding Theory

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